How Quickly Time Goes!

I must begin with an apology to all our readers.  I have not been diligent in keeping up with the blogs here.  To say I have been slacking… well, maybe for this blog but in general, no, not really!  Too much to do, I would say!

I have taken on a daily feed that is new to me (not most of you!) and that is Facebook. Learning I need to change it frequently is like a blog, like I was doing here, but have now fallen off the wagon so to speak has been a challenge.

Now that I have that explanation out of the way I do apologize for not maintaining this blog!

So, just what HAVE I been doing (besides Facebook)?  I will give you a bit of a fly by of my activities since March (Yikes! That long?)

In April I was traveling and speaking, from San Antonio, TX up through North Texas to Living Waters Fellowship in Quitman, TX.  From there I drove to Memphis, attended and sold books at the Israel Prayer Meeting (thank you Susan M!), attended the Israel Prayer microphone (Small)Breakfast then did an interveiw on Savvy Central Radio.  Sunday I spoke at Verne Powell’s Sunday School class at Germantown Baptist and had some great meet ups with people!

Drove to McMinnville to meet with Kay, then on to Pennsylvania!  Spoke at Harvest Church in Denver, PA and House of Prayer in Davidsburg, PA.  Thank you to both pastors! In the middle of the week I spoke to students at Interoro High School outside of Philadelphia.  It was a great time!

During that week my book “Why is Great-Grandma So Sad?” was featured on BookCrash for bloggers.  Then the following week I fly back to Israel for a vacation… hah!  No, I went back for more work!

The day before I arrived two volunteers arrived from The Netherlands, Richt and Oeds.  The following day another volunteer, Jerry, arrived from the USA.  Two weeks after him a team of four men arrived from the USA.  This all male team got so much work done in the homes of the Survivors, some of the work being major… it was awesome!  Very sorry to see them all leave by the end of the month.

In June we continued with our regular work of visiting Survivors, having them come to Beit Shalom for tea, having guests come and go, and having our friend Abraham (92 yrs old and still translating!) come and stay with us.  Abraham, due to his age, is in need of additional help so we are learning more about the clinics, caretaker and social service systems.  Good information for the other Survivors who are in need of assistance.  Thank you God for your grace to learn more!

We had a guest from Korea, a Russian pastor, who made a video of an interview about AHI and all we are doing.  They plan to translate it into Korean!

Also in June we had to make final decisions concerning our house, Beit Shalom.  Through LOTS of prayer the owners offered another year of rent when we turned down the price they offered for sale.  In July we signed a good contract that is beneficial to us which will begin August 1st.  Praise God!

Currently we have four wonderful repeat volunteers from Finland, Ossi, Soile, Teuvo and Seija.  Absolutely great for renovations!  Glad to have them here!

Next week I go to Jerusalem to film some short segments about AHI for TBN Russia.

Going forward July 20 I will be going to the US, West Coast, and looking for speaking engagements!  Southern California July 22-29, driving north and Vancouver, WA  August 2-7.airplane clipart (Small)

I return to Israel August 15 and leave on the 19th for England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland!  In London I have a repeat invitation to come film an interview for the Middle East Report with Simon Barrett, Revelation TV.

NOW, everyone is caught up and I will endeavor to keep this blog up to date.  But for now, it is Shabbat, and time for a short snooze- as soon as I check on Abraham, the guests, feed the cat, write for TBN, make the corrections on the Survivor list for Akko… oh, yeah, I have to answer that email… Wsleeping at desk (Small)hoops!  I forgot to send those pictures to the artist… ummmm, oh dear, the next book needs some more work on it…

Well, maybe I can snooze tonight…

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