Prayer Offered Together

“They waged war…”

“They were helped in fighting… because they cried out to Him [God] during the battle.”bible time soldiers fighting (Small)

“He answered their prayers because they trusted in Him.”  I Chronicles 5:20


We are in a battle, a roiling and oppressive war.

The Evil One assumed the Survivors of the Holocaust were written off.  No, they did not physically die, but their spirits were under his feet and their depression was great.  That is, until voluntee???????????????????????????????rs became friends and brought them sunshine and love.  Their spirits were lifted and that evil being lost control over them.  With light in their eyes they are recovering their hope!

Is the Evil One angry? You bet!  Spitting mad!

But our response is to pray and pray hard!  And pray together!!

We are looking for more Prayer Warriors, seeking those with whom we can lock shields!

If you are an Intercessor drawn to pray for Israel and her People, join us.      If you are a team of Intercessors and Prayer Warriors, we would love to have you come alongside.

Please contact Diana, our Prayer Coordinator at to sign up.  Come and help shield the Survivors with your prayers!prayer warrior (Small)


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