Peace at Beit Shalom

Beit Shalom is our house located in Akko, Israel.  There we have our AHI office, Survivor events and also lodging for volunteers and guests.  A common phrase for those who enter,

“It is so peaceful here!  I feel like I am home.”

Since the beginning Beit Shalom has been a place of respite for those seeking to advance the Kingdom of Elohim.  Our house has the reputation of being where anyone can hear from God.  We have different places where people can sit to pray or simply “be.”

One place in the garden is the pergola shown in the picture.  We invite you to come experience Beit Shalom for yourself.  Look through the photos of some of the things happening at Beit Shalom and imagine being here at those times.




Now, imagine Beit Shalom being closed.  We are facing this once again. In the past God has touched hearts to help us keep our doors open and continue this work in a way in which we always marvel.  So many Survivors have been blessed, helped, rediscovered the scriptures, found Yahweh and realize they are now in the family of HaShem.

We need your help to keep our doors open.  Will you help? We need wisdom if we are to stay at this house or move again.  Elohim knows.  Will you pray?   Each year whatever landlord we have begins making noises to increase our rent.  This year it is the same.

We have volunteers booked at Beit Shalom through November but there are still some spaces left for 2017.  There is a need among the Survivors to be blessed and loved.  We need Beit Shalom and for YOU to come and help.

Contact us to book your stay at or if volunteering, contact us for information  We look forward to seeing you in Israel!

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