Parked at My Computer

For the last two weeks I have been basically sitting in front of my computer.  Working, of course.

After running at top speed in Israel for a very long time, spending weeks driving to many places with the purpose of sharing about the Survivors, I find myself now in one place, in one room, at one computer- working.

My conversion from being “set in motion” to one of “being at rest” (well, we can debate that part about ‘rest’) has seemed almost, well, strange.  Though I have a huge amount of work right now, work that demands being in an office mode, it has a weird sense of being information overload 3 (Small)right.

Anyone who knows me, or has had the ‘experience’ of working with me, knows I have a tendency to be on the move.  I much prefer action to inaction.  But this time here in the States, this particular set time of work- it is absolutely right.

  • Working on the content for our new web site requires, well, sitting at the computer.
  • Writing a manual & training materials for the many aspects of Abundant Hope International is best done, well, on the computer.
  • Accounting!!  Can we say it together? “On the computer.”
  • Completing and preparing my book for publishing, at least the final version, must be on a computer.
  • Email to stay in touch and oversee various aspects of AHI, of course, is on the computer- or phone.  Ah, the phone…

Yes, that would be the other part of what I do.  I have an iPhone.  It goes everywhere with me.  My life has been greatly improved, and complicated, by owning an iPhone.  Email, smartphone (Small)text, notes, Bible, camera, weather, GPS, voice memos, banking, calculator, Skype, internet, learning Russian, calendar, alarm… WOW!  Everything at my fingertips!  It is a good thing I do not like to play games- not on my phone or my computer- there would be no time left!

I know I am talking to all the rest of you out there with a smart phone of some kind.  You can’t go anywhere without seeing everyone with their finger tapping away on their phone.  Even our hard copy newsletter coordinator at the sweet age of 72 years just got a smart phone the other day.  A friend commented that is probably one of the end-time prophecies we did not know about- Kathy getting a smart phone!

But, I digress… what I wanted to say was here I am in San Antonio, TX working on the computer with a myriad of things to do, things that NEED done, items that will help AHI with our obvious expansion- and it feels right.

God has been gracious to give me time to take care of these important tasks and simultaneously provided people to do the work in Israel.  Of course, we all know God seems to work around coincidences, right?  I am grateful for His provision, His timing, His love for us all, His compassion and His Plan for each one of us- and the Holocaust Survivors of Israel.  He does not forget them for even a moment.  In fact, my being here now is part of that provision.  Preparing for their future, and ours.

Though I am spending a lot of time at the computer, I am grateful also for time to pray.   I thank God for each person in AHI.  For our AHI Board & staff in US, Israel and around the world, volunteers, supporters, Israeli citizens, Adoptive families, Survivors, intercessors, web and graphic designers, financial wizards, repairmen and those who help us share the word about the Survivors of Israel.  Each person who touches this work from the smallest task to those giving much time is vital and important.  I consider each one to be our friend.

I thank God for every one of you.  You are special and I pray for you.  Thank you for your compassion and love and your giving heart.  I ask HaShem to bless you.

Serving God and loving it,


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