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Survivors of Memphis

Survivors of the Holocaust can be found in almost every country.  They live in cities all Survivors of Memphis (Small)over the US.  Susan had the privilege to meet Survivors in Memphis at the Jewish Community Center.  Yacov shared how his family was in a ghetto, marched from  their village in a group and he remembers starving during that time.  Though a child, Yacov was impacted by the fear, hunger and overwhelming sense of dread.  Even today you can sense the continued effect on his life.  Survivors, whether in Israel or in your home town, need to know someone cares.  We would encourage each one of you who is reading this, to reach out to the Survivors in your city.

Tea Time at Beit Shalom!

Tea Time Beit Shalom 4 (Small)Praying, planning and hoping… preparing the garden and house… finally, it happened!  Russian Holocaust Survivors came to Beit Shalom for a “Tea!”  It was a combined effort of all the Volunteers: Lars & Gitte, Elena, Galina, Michael & McKenna along with Yonatan.  They loved it!  One of the ladies even sang for them in Yiddish!

We will plan to do it again with another group of  Survivors, giving more the opportunity of family fun!

Susan Speaking in Memphis, TN and Lexington, KY Schools

What a privilege to teach about the Holocaust and share the experiences of Survivors of warsaw ghetto deportations (Small)that time with students in both private and public schools!


First Assembly School

Ford Road School

Kingsbury Middle & High School


Trinity Christian Academy

Lexington Christian Academy

The students at each school were awesome!  Attentive, interested and willing to accept the challenge of becoming the New Survivor, to carry on the experiences of the Survivors.  It is humbling to see these young people embrace the history so the Survivors will not be forgotten.

Unknown Child Holocaust Remembrance

children in holocaust (Small)In the Holocaust of WWII at least 1.5 million children were murdered by the   Nazis.  Students in Memphis, TN USA collected 1.5 million pennies to help them “see” the number of children killed.

A memorial is planned using those pennies with a bronze replica “The Butterfly” by Rick Wienecke

Learn more at


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