The Need for Beit Shalom Community Center

For a number of years it has been on Susan’s heart to have a building “like a small hotel” to use for Survivors with Volunteers and Guests.  To be a community together.  She has been looking and waiting for divine direction on this while constantly being “aware” of surrounding buildings that just might fit the description.

Four years ago this building was put up for sale.  New, unused, handicap accessible with enough floors and bedrooms to:

1. house Holocaust Survivors without families

2. lodging for volunteers to assist the Survivors there & work

3. rooms available for tour groups or guests at affordable rates to help with support

4. Event room, kitchen, distribution and storage, offices.

This year the Sukkot BBQ was crowded.  There was barely enough room for the tables and chairs.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to have the Sukkot BBQ 2018 at this building?  There is plenty of room both inside and outside!

In four years the real estate company has not been able to sell it.  Four years we are praying no one can purchase this building but AHI.  It has everything we could possibly ask for inside and out.

But to be a Community, to share together, for Survivors without families and those of us who love them, we need to come together to purchase this building.  It would be the new Beit Shalom Community Center.

Each room with a private bath and air conditioning, kitchen facilities with option for meals, events and provision of the needs of the Survivors in Akko and northern Israel.

You can print the fact sheet HERE and contact us to be part of this new building project.  Be a part of the Beit Shalom Community Center with your DONATION, and have your name put on the AHI tree and stream inside the entrance.

Be a part of this center and change the lives of Survivors.

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