Nations Together in Beit Shalom

Makuya (mishkan or Holy Tabernacle)

The Makuya identify fervently with Israel and with the personal encounter with the divine presence in everyday life.  Their hearts are sweet and fervently serve the Holocaust Survivors.  AHI is connected with them through the Department of Labor and Welfare/International Relations, and we now have four of their volunteers.

Read about them HERE


Lars and Gitte are always welcome at Beit Shalom.  They have been here as guests, volunteers and House Managers.  However they want to come we are pleased to see them each time.



Earlier in the summer we had a couple from the US, Joshua and Claire.  He was here to do an internship, beginning the Survivor Survival Pack project.  Their stay overlapped with Lars’ and they had met years before on the first stay with Joshua and his brother Caleb.  It was great having them here.



Every year we are privileged to have Brecht join us.  She visits the Survivors and they all look forward to her coming.  Speaking several languages including Yiddish enriches her visits.  She will be here in a few weeks and bringing family and friends with her this time as well.


Mix in all the different cultures that come to our home for a visit, join us for a meal or stay for a short time.  It is always amazing when we can hear several different languages at our prayer time in the morning.  God is good!

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