My Abba…

When the Holocaust Survivors tell their war accounts and experiences, many times that narrative includes their father.  If it is in Russian they usually refer to him as Papa.  In Hebrew, it definitely is “Abba.”

Most times their stories are similar: “Papa had to go fight against the Nazi army and died”; “Abba was wounded so badly at the front though he came home to us, he was never the same”; “Abba was shot in front of me and I was not allowed to touch him.  I was five years old and just stood watching him die.”

A quavering voice, clenched fist, whimpering or breaking down crying, the hearts of both men and women are wrenched when they remember their loss.  Having a parent die of old age is easier to handle.  But can you       imagine when your father is beaten in front of you, tortured or starved to death? It is difficult, almost impossible, to find relief of that memory.

As Americans in the US, and some other countries, celebrate Father’s Day this month, we ask each of you to please remember the    Survivors who still suffer from the loss of their own father.  In 70+ years they have never recovered.  Please pray for them. 

They ask, “Please don’t forget us!”   Will you Remember Survivors still dealing with loss of their fathers?


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