What I Miss

Okay, so I admit it. I miss my cat. Korrie

One of our house managers, Korrie, sent me a picture of Tiger looking at the camera on her computer; looking straight at me from my computer screen.  (Of COURSE I saved it as wallpaper on my desktop.) Almost every day I talk to my kitty like he was right here.

I have been in the US four months- which of course translates to being OUT of Israel four months.  I have traveled from Pennsylvania to Canada to Florida to Texas in that time and have been literally holed up in San Antonio working to complete the new website (PTL!) and working on many other projects.

At the end of this week I begin traveling again: speak at Living Waters, Quitman, TX, into TN, on to KY to speak at Lexington Christian Academy, Lexington, KY.  Two days later I fly to England & Scotland for what promise to be incredible meetings and then to Holland.  There I will have the terrific opportunity to visit with my friends Brecht and Richt, but also my bestest friends from Israel, Hagai and Sima, are coming to join us!  Then I return to England for a working vacation then back to Pennsylvania by the end of October.

So, what else do I miss?

My children and grandchildren in different states; though I am in the US I do not get to see them much.

My friends and co-workers in Israel

The really good fruit and vegetables fresh off the kibbutz and into the market.  The watermelon is amazing and so are those football shaped melons called Yaniv.  I call them “football shaped melons.”Yaniv' melon (Small)

And there is nothing like a fig picked right off the tree!

Shekels, of all thingsfigs (Small)

Driving in Israel- everything is closer.  It takes 7 hours from Nahariya to Eilat.  In Texas 7 hours isn’t enough time to go from the southern to northern points of Texas!

Shishlik – mmmmm, love that tender chicken.

The beautiful sunsets on the Mediterranean Sea

Akko Sunset (Small)


Each Holocaust Survivor, those dear sweet people who look forward to us visiting and pour out their hearts to each volunteer.  They give us hugs, kisses and ply us with cookies, cakes and candies, begging us to stay longer or return.Zina K (Tamara, Zina, Elva, Elnura) (Small)

Being at Beit Shalom and watching as 4 or 5 different cultures live together in community.

Prayer in the morning at Beit Shalom- everyone coming together to ask the Lord, “What can we do for You today?  What is on Your Heart?” and then waiting for the answer.  Sometimes that answer comes within a few seconds through a knock on the door.  Rarely is our wait more than 24 hours for an answer.

Glory Story Night- sharing together miracles that God has performed for us personally or someone we know.  Through describing the character of God comes Victory over trouble!

But one thing I have with me wherever I go, whether in Israel, the US or traveling in different countries:   God’s Promises!  He is Faithful in everything.

Provision, Companionship, Prayers answered, Revelation, Words, Insight, Discernment, Strength, Victory, New Things!!

Woven in amongst it all is an answer to one request I made before beginning this work in Israel:

“I will do what You have asked.  But, please God, do not let me bored!”

God is faithful.  I cannot recall even a moment in the last ten years when I was EVER BORED!!

Always entertained by the Faithful One,


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