Learning More Than You Ever Really Wanted to Know

In this day and age of technology we are all faced with learning new things all the time. Those of us who were perfectly content with going to the bank for all our monetary needs never even thought of online banking, e-statements and mobile deposits.  Yet today most of us are well and truly immersed in the new ways.

When I bought my first computer I remember sitting in front of it, with my hands in my lap, looking at the screen and literally thinking, “Now what do I do?!”

Fast forward to today and we all are more techie, more cyber instructed and used to the basics of life with an electronic twist.  Though I still find myself questioning some of the new gadgets- what am I supposed to do with the tablet fixed to the table in the restaurant?  Do I order from it or wait for the comfort of a waitress with her tablet to scribble in?  Oh, her tablet is now, um, a tablet- the electronic kind.  Even eating out can be daunting.

But I have to say in the last few years especially, my brain has been stretched, twisted you might even say, trying to wrap itself around some of the new terms (and purposes!) related to websites.  Widgets, plugins, posts and pages, a Flamingo on my dashboard, localization and string translations; and after all that I have a strange sounding animal called a “ZillaShare” which I am sure was not one of those named by Adam or came in pairs on Noah’s Ark.

Then just as I am getting tentatively comfortable with the Word Press- not related to a cookie press, or even cookies in general which I understand can be on your computer but cannot be eaten… but I digress.  As I said, I was beginning to feel moderately at ease when I suddenly find myself in the midst of a maze called “Social Media.”  Oh My Word.

This animal definitely has nothing to do with zebras and giraffes.  It has struck my heart with fear (or something akin to it).  Facebook.  Okay, I have been on our AHI Facebook page which was set up by a gracious friend (to whom in gratitude I would give my first born child except she is already married and her husband would not appreciate it.).  I go on the page and tentatively play with it, put a post up (though I don’t understand where it goes or what happens to it).  I see pictures and comments from other people but can’t seem to find me in there- and why are they there..?

Linked-In – I can do this.  Well, for the most part I can do this.  I still don’t really get the whole thing but it is okay.  I will keep connecting with people and see what happens in the future.

Twitter.  I like the little birdie icon.  I think I want to try this.  Well, I do but I am a bit intimidated.  But I have to sign up to get the birdie on our website, right?  Okay, I will work my way up to that one.

Texting- I get it!  Not good with the text messaging acronyms- like I had to ask what is TYVM? (“thank you very much” for anyone reading this who is like me)  So I tried to use some texting here in Israel and found it does not work well with another language… FUD (fear, uncertainty and disinformation)

Facetime, WhatsApp, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and many more- enough to bury your head under the covers and take a day’s absence.

But life today requires this information.  I will now search out some connected social media teenager to show me the way so I can learn what I need.  Hopefully I will not be SITD (still in the dark) or FWIW (forget where I was)  so the “wise one” will not LOL (laugh out loud).

Striving to move forward in this fast changing world,


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