Israel Above the Fire

After living in Israel so much over the past ten years, spending time in the USA is a bit difficult right now.   The culture has become part of who I am because of who the People of Israel are.

During that time most of my contact has been with Holocaust Survivors.  They spent the majority of their lives in another country before immigrating to Israel, bringing yet another culture into the mix.  But I also have had time to talk to neighbors, get to know the Israeli citizens that help us with the Survivors, have a regular contact with vendors and business people, volunteers, guests and had the privilege to develop close friendships.   They all became a part of my daily life.

Now I am here in the States, and the rockets are falling in Israel.  Terrorists are attempting to infiltrate, Hamas is intent on killing any Jew they can, and a few others who get in the way as well.  Responding to the attack, the Israeli government made some hard decisions and the very capable IDF went into action.

A call was sent out for the reserves and they came in the thousands.  They went to fight together.  Everyone is together.  The goal is the safety of every man, woman and child in Israel.  No division, no objection, no reluctance… in fact, some of the soldiers have volunteered before they were asked.  Some of the soldiers are actually Jews from other countries who have come to stand in solidarity with their brothers.

It reminds me of the history we read of America.  Whether it was the Civil War in the 1800’s, or WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm and so on- even when the attacks on the Twin Towers on 9/11 happened- our men also swarmed to come together, to help.  I have heard many stories of men who went to war with my father, who lied about their ages so they could sign up for the military and go to war and fight the Nazis across the ocean.  Why?  For defense of their beliefs and to keep everyone free by defeating the enemy.  EVERY one.

Today, the enemy is surrounding Israel.  Countries are abandoning her and, to my shame, my own country is stepping back to allow the Israeli people to be killed and defeated.  Even the media is so biased they do not see the truth of the Gazan deceptions- or they don’t want to see.  It is a chosen blindness by country leaders and news outlets alike.  It is to our shame that this continues.

For me, in some ways I feel helpless, unable to make a difference.  I can think of a zillion things I would like to do to help the effort; of Survivors I would like to go and comfort in the midst of yet another war.  But God is Sovereign, and we are all placed where HE wants us to be for each time in history.  For me, for the moment, I am here.  For any of you not in Israel, you are out of that country for a purpose, God’s purpose.

So, how can we stand for Israel?  What can we do when our own countries and leaders refuse to do what is right?

First, stand up for Israel’s right to defend herself when you speak with others.  Demand truth is spoken and we do not bow under the threat of lies.

Second, you can support Israel through legitimate organizations that will make sure your monetary gift is delivered properly.  We at AHI can give you those groups that are making a literal difference for the people under siege.

Most of all, we can pray!  We can pray the scriptures.  Many Psalms in particular can be used for them.   Psalm 27 is very clear when you read it, that it is speaking of Israel.  Psalm 53 is another one we can read out loud and put the name of Israel and Hamas where appropriate.

“The fool (Hamas) says in his heart, ‘There is no God.’”

“Will the evildoers (Hamas) never learn- those who devour my people like bread and who do not call on God?”

“There they were (Israel was), overwhelmed with dread… God scattered the bones of those (Hamas) who attacked you;”

(Excerpts of Psalm 53 with added words mine)

I have decided to take a stand for Israel, while on my knees.  I will speak God’s scripture over them.  Pray Psalm 18, Psalm 61 and Psalm 91 over the IDF soldiers.  Give them a shield they cannot see but they can know.  They can feel His Presence when they go into battle, when they face the enemy and when they cheer in victory.

Pray wisdom for Benjamin Netanyahu and the entire Cabinet.  Pray for creative ideas and discernment for the military.  Pray for God to guide the IDF missiles directly to their destination.  Pray for the Palestinian people to have the courage to stand up to their evil dictators.

I am standing for Israel.  Because we are not IN Israel does not mean we cannot stand FOR Israel.  We can.  And our prayer and determination CAN and WILL make a difference.

I ask everyone who is reading this to join together in prayer.  Pray the scriptures over our boys and girls fighting terrorism.  Yes, OUR boys; OUR girls.  They are our responsibility.  Make your prayers count.

Do not leave the soldiers to stand alone.

If the terrorism is not stopped there, with the Israeli soldiers, then Hamas, ISIS, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood- all of them- their next stop is your city.  Then we will be the ones needing prayer.

STANDING for God’s People,



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