How to Write to Holocaust Survivors

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Points to remember when writing:

  • Keep your letter short- two or three paragraphs, up to half a typewritten page in font 12.
  • Long letters mean translation is longer, delaying delivery to the Survivors.
  • Survivors often have difficulty focusing on long letters.
    • Short ones they will read often; long ones they will read once.
    • Pictures may be sent by post or if you email them, the limit is two pictures of family or related to you.  Beginning 2016 we will no longer print cartoons, e-cards or non-related pictures.
    • Very important!  Be upbeat and joyful.  Avoid telling about your hardships, illnesses, deaths and sacrifices.  Your letter is to bring joy, happiness and encouragement.  You can share some sad things in your life with them- but make the sentence short and return to happy and encouraging words.
    • Expect nothing in return; 95% of the Survivors do not write back.
    • If you have not written in awhile, do not apologize for not writing.  They are not interested in how long it has been- they just want to receive a letter.
    • Don’t tell them you are sending a gift.  Just send it.  If the mail is delayed or lost it sets them up for disappointment.
    • Share brochures or leaflets about special places in your country.  They love to see where you live and what special events are there.
    • Do pray over your letter and for your Survivor.  Prayer makes a difference.


A note from Nancy, AHI’s Adoption Director:Letters (Small)

My dear fellow adopters,

I hope that you had a beautiful and meaningful Christmas with family and friends creating special memories   Some of you traveled to make those visits and others hosted visitors.  You may want to tell your Survivor about your holiday.  Please do, but remember not to proselytize. They know that we are Believers and that we celebrate Christmas so don’t hide from it- but be sensitive to their beliefs as Jews.  Tell them about your adventures.  I am sure some of you must have some great stories to tell!  And don’t forget to send a picture!

Nancy Kurtz

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