God Plans Ahead

yonathanYou may have heard the statement before, “Man plans and God laughs.”  At some point in our lives we all get to see that fulfilled.

In April of this year Susan left Israel for extended tours of speaking and AHI business.  AHI Operations in Israel were temporarily dispersed into the hands of several people.  On June 23rd we received confirmation that our temporary Administrator would be leaving at the end of the month.  One day later, on June 24, we had a new Administrator.  Does anyone question that God is in control?  We did not miss one day of operations administration!

We want to welcome Yonatan as our new AHI Administrator of Israel Operations.  He comes to us with everything any organization could desire in someone overseeing all operations.  With a bookkeeping background, experience in Israeli business, charity and organizational skills, fluent in English, Hebrew and Russian, Yonatan is an amazing choice- clearly God’s provision.  He is also studying Organizational Management and has the ability to help us with the restructuring we have needed due to expansion within AHI.

We ask everyone to pray for and bless Yonatan, his wife Blair and daughter Eden as they step into this role.  We thank God for His preparation and perfect choices to help us go forward.

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