Global Sharing of the AHI Vision for Shoah Survivors

two people talking (Small)If one person tells a message to 10, and each of the 10 tell 10 more, and each of those 10 tell 10 more… in a very short time the original message has reached 1000 people.

AHI wants to share about the Holocaust of WWII, the Survivors today and educate with the truth about Israel.  These messages need to be shared with all people, in every country.

So far we have shared of AHI and the Survivors in the USA, Canada, Finland, Britain, Scotland, Netherlands and Germany.  Our desire is to continue to bring these important words of life, hope and help to map (Small)

We are currently planning to travel to more countries and share this important work.  If you would like to have us visit, please email us at or call 1-717-557-5775 to arrange some dates!

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