Global Connections: Traveling to the UK

By Yonatan Allon

I feel like I have been running non-stop since my trip to the UK in the middle of April. Between school obligations, spending time with family and day-to-day projects at work, I have not had much time to reflect on my time connecting with people in the UK. Now as I sit down and take the time to look back I am reminded at what an amazing time it was meeting so many new people and having meaningful conversations about the Holocaust, Israel and life in general.

First of all, it was such an encouragement for me as an Israeli to meet so many people whoYonatan & adopters UK (Small) support and pray for Israel. As I’ve been meeting and visiting with Holocaust survivors here in Israel, they too have been touched as I share about this great support abroad. I firmly believe, as I explained to friends in the UK, that the Christian world owes a historical debt to the Jewish people because of years of persecution, including the Holocaust. I do not say this with the intent to condemn or imply that all Christians are responsible. Rather I am merely acknowledging the fact that much of this persecution was perpetrated under the guise of Christianity. Therefore, when we as a people see Christians around the world standing with our nation it has a healing effect and begins to “pay off this historical debt”.

While I met so many wonderful people in the UK, one particularly unique experience was meeting a group of adopters. I had been receiving and translating their letters for many months. I knew their names and read their words of love and encouragement to their survivors. But it was quite special to listen to and get to know the people behind their letters. I was truly touched to hear of their dedication and commitment. I want to encourage all of you adopters and those who want to adopt, the survivors feel your hearts poured into the letters. They read past the mere words and see your love, which makes a lasting impact on their lives. While you cannot take away the pain and suffering they experienced, your love and support do show that there is hope.

To see Yonatan’s interview, follow this link on Revelation TV!


How to Adopt a Holocaust Survivor

  1. Download or print the Adoption Application here or online
  2. Fill out online or print/scan and return by email
  3. OR print, fill out and send by post to the address on the application
  4. On receipt of your application, Nancy Kurtz, Adoption Program Director, will contact you.  She assigns Survivors to Adopters.
  5. You will receive a packet explaining how to write to and bless your Survivor
  6. Yonatan in Israel will handle your letters for translation before delivery to your Survivor
  7. Staff in Israel will handle ongoing communication with you for updates on your Survivor.
  8. Everyone in AHI are privileged to assist you in building a relationship between you and your Holocaust Survivor!
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