Fulfilling a Promise to Survivors – Through Media

???????????????????????????????The most common words we hear from the Holocaust Survivors is their plea for us to help them get their personal accounts of WWII out to others. “Don’t forget us! Tell others what happened! Tell them ‘Remember US’!”

When we leave their homes, we have this promise we have given ringing in our ears and lodged in our hearts. For myself, I feel a drive to tell as many people as possible the incredible and horrible things these people have lived through. I must tell others.   To that end I am always looking for ways to spread the word as much as possible.

A few weeks ago I met a Russian woman representing Shalom TV. I asked her if she Shalom TV logo (Small)thought their station would be interested in presenting the Survivor’s experiences? Oh, yes, she was! Following our conversation I received an email offering us a spot twice a week, every week, in Israel to showcase the Survivors telling their own war experience. Photographers would go to the Survivor’s home and film them there, then show the film in their Russian language on their programming.

TBN Russia logo (Small)There is more! TBN Russia has offered to show this program on their stations- in 180 Russian speaking countries! TBN Russia is offering it for free to get the word of the last of these Survivors out. He hopes Jews in the Soviet Union will hear these Survivors in Israel and make Aliyah!

Here is our dilemma and need: The photographers and program costs are only $3200/month plus free programming worldwide.  They will interview as many of our Survivors as we can give them. Our—their– time is short.

We need your help.  Sponsors can be listed in the credits of each Film clapboard (Small)program (in Russian!), on the AHI website and in our newsletter (in English!).  We need $3200/month–either one time sponsors or whatever you can give. Survivors are dying quickly and their stories lost forever.  Please help us fulfill our promise by sponsoring today!  With your donation designate it for Survivors TV!

Heart (Small)Thank you!



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