Five Days Before My Return

I arrived in the States on October 24th.  October 25th I woke up with a 24-hr flu.  Two days later I was on the road driving to TX.  I did not want to miss voting!

Over the next four weeks I was in San Antonio, TX and Memphis, TN having some amazingchristmas-spirit-2-small times speaking in schools and churches.  Phenomenol!

Then I came up to York, PA area for almost three weeks to speak a bit and spend time with three of my children and grandchildren (#4 and her husband are in FL!).  I always try to take each one out to lunch or dinner alone, spending special time with them.

Now here it is five days before I fly back to Israel.  As always,

  • I do not have enough time to do everything I planned
  • I do not have enough suitcase room to take back all that I wanted!
  • I do not have enough opportunities and time to tell more people about the Survivors!
  • I do not have enough time with each of my family
  • I do not have enough hours in a day to read enough books
  • I do not have enough sense at the end of the day to turn off the news on my phone!
  • I do not have enough brain power to understand and do all the add-ons with Facebookchristmas-spirit-small

So, what do I have?  Since this is the time of year we seem to be more thankful…

  • I have The Messiah in my life!
  • I have four wonderful children, five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren!
  • I have friends all over the world!
  • I have relationships with Holocaust Survivors- what a blessing!
  • I have opportunities to share the experiences of these Survivors with others.
  • I have numerous opportunities to teach the personal side of the Holocaust to students
  • I have been blessed to meet people around the world who are positive influencers
  • I have a sense of awe of all the staff and volunteers God brought to operate AHI
  • I have experienced God’s consistent blessing and provision, personally and in AHI
  • I have been given the chance to see how God changes lives through the Survivors
  • I have the gift given from God to see a positive future through Him
  • I have the blessing to realize God loves each one of the Holocaust Survivors- PTL!
  • I have seen God’s miracles, healing and love through AHI- and know he is not done yet!

There is so much more I could write- but it is enough to let you know the Spirit of Christmas lasts 24/7, 365 days a year.  God is a Giver of life and love for each and every person if we are willing to believe and accept.


I for one believe, accept and am looking for Him in each tomorrow,


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