Holocaust Survivors in Israel Fires

I am sure most of you reading this blog are aware of the last four days of raging fires in Israel.  It is estimated 90% of them havve been arson.  With the dry conditions due to lack of sufficient rain, along with high winds, the fires continue and are difficult to stop.

Consider the Holocaust Survivors in Israel, many of whom remember the “Night of Broken Glass” known as Kristallnacht.  It is 78 years since it occurred in Germany, but for those who lived through it, the fire is symbolic of that time.

Synagogues burned to the ground while the firemen stood and watched. They were instructed to only make sure the houses of Aryans did not catch fire.  If it was a Jewish house or a business, let it burn.  Thousands of men were arrested that night and the next morning and interred in concentration camps.  Hundreds died of beatings and many more died in the camps.

Imagine being a Survivor of that time, of the years following filled with abuse and starvation.  After going through that you finally make it to Israel, the Land of the Jews.  And now, in your old age, you experience these fires set to kill and destroy.  It is the same fear and horror as years ago in the Holocaust of WWII.

Please pray for the people of Israel, and especially for the Survivors of the Holocaust.  Pray God sends rain and all the arsonists are found and arrested.  Give thanks for the many countries that loaned their firefighting equipment to help Israel during this time.

Pray too for God’s provision for those who have lost their homes, businesses and will be financially destitute- just like after the war.

I will return to Israel in two weeks.  We will visit and comfort the Survivors as we can.  Please pray for them all over Israel as once again they pick up the pieces of their lives and go on as before.

Sad and thankful,


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