Featuring: Volunteers Who Helped

Linda and her husband Paul came to Israel and gave of themselves in various ways.  The music they did came from their heart and stayed with the Survivors.  They are still reminding us of the music they played for them!  We look forward to when they return!

Linda has also been studying Russian (yay!) and is designing and making birthday and other occasion cards for the Survivors.  This is a huge blessing for us!  Today I saw the samples when we got together and am thrilled!  God bless Linda for her heart!


Keith and Dawn came to visit Holocaust Survivors.  As two members of a Small Group from Victory Church, Lancaster, they were a part of the March team who came to Akko. The Small Group had given financially and in prayer to their trip.  We consider, through their giving, they were all standing on the soil of Israel with them.


Hal and Jim came to Israel on a combination trip- business and learn what AHI is doing.    Besides visiting the Survivors, and falling in love with them, they got to do some touring with us.  Of course we stopped for lunch and the two men enjoyed the falafel!

Some of you may have already read Hal’s blog on the AHI website titled “Strength”   If you have not read it we highly recommend it.  I think we will be hearing more from him in the future!

Stay tuned!

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