Did You Know…

… 4 days before the German Nazi Army surrendered, three German ocean liners were sunk by the RAF May 3, 1945?

RAF sinking ships (Small)Thought to be filled with escaping SS officers, the Cap Arcona, Thielbek and Deutschland were attacked and sunk.  Pilots were unaware the ships also held 4,500 prisoners taken from concentration camps.

German trawlers were sent to rescue the crew members but any prisoners trying to escape the sinking ship were shot.  Those who reached the shore were also killed.  Pilots recalled shooting at those in the water not knowing they were prisoners.

Saved with life jackets from locked quarters:
16 sailors
420 SS officers

Of the 4500 Survivors imprisoned in the ships, 350 lived.

The Cap Arcona sank last.  The estimated death toll was 5,000.


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