Did You Know…?

…the Nazi Party and high ranking politicians of the German government met on January 20, 1942 to plan a Final Solution of the Jewish Question?  The meeting took place at a villa in the Wannsee suburb of Berlin, thereby named the Wannsee Conference.

The Final Solution referred to the systematic plan to completely annihilate the European Jews.  They were targeting 11 million Jews living outside the German controlled territory.

The participants knew the Nazis were already engaged in mass murder of the Jews in the German controlled areas of the Soviet Union and Serbia.  No participants objected to the proposal,  SS General Reinhard Heidrich was given this task by Hitler himself.  The discussion was not whether to exterminate the Jews, but to discuss the implementation.

Other subjects covered were the construction of more concentration camps, preparations to evacuate the Jews and the best methods.  The railway system of Europe afforded them the most efficient transportion.

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