Beit Shalom: Through the Years and By the Numbers

Since 2007 we have been located in Akko. Nine years, two addresses.

We have hosted guests from around the world, Volunteers from 20 different countries with up to six different cultures represented at one time.  We’ve hosted musicians, annual SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSukkot BBQ’s, Russian tea parties, brought in Renovation Crews to make repairs and major changes in Survivor homes.

We work closely with the Israeli government and organizations based in Israel.  We stay connected to churches, organizations, Jewish communities and groups around the globe.

Volunteers from Germany and Siberia for long term visas, ladies from Finland who knitted the most amazing socks, hand-made quilts from England, USA and other countries that IMG_0654 (Small)were delivered to Beit Shalom for handing out to Survivors, replacing their heirlooms lost in the war.

Our first team came from New Zealand but they were just the beginning. Teams and team members have come from the US, Canada, Finland, Russia, Holland, England, Scotland, Switzerland, South Africa, Faroe Islands, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Siberia, Kazakhstan, Australia and more!

Hodorkovski, Esther & Semion with Tim Davis 2 (Small)Each volunteer has had the opportunity to serve the Survivors with visits, renovations, errands, deliver gifts and letters, clean their homes, repairs, give assistance for walks or whatever is needed, play music or sing in their homes, bring joy and rays of sunshine to darkness that lurks in their days.

All of this is for the Survivors who live in Israel, now in their final years.  This happens because of people who care enough, come and give of themselves to comfort and bless the Holocaust Survivors.

But none of this will continue unless we are able to purchase a house in Israel for volunteer lodging.

Beit Shalom Garden 3 (Small)Our current home in Akko is up for sale and the owners have raised the price above the appraised value.  We will not misuse funding and cannot pay a price beyond what is right.  Our rental contract is up July 15 but we must give an answer by May 15.  The owners must lower their price to be considered a viable option.

Below are the options and the numbers.

Here are the numbers:

Appraised current value of rental home                       $470,000

Asking price by the owners                                              $640,000

Average price of equal homes in area                             $410,000

Average cost of size home needed                                   $500,000

Minimum needed for down payment                             $250,000

A possibility is to build to suit;

purchase land and build                                            $500,000*

How can we achieve this?  ONLY TOGETHER WITH YOU!  Teamwork!

500 leaders with heart, each raising $1000 = $500,000  How?

Each leader gathers friends and neighbors, family and church to donate.  Use social media such as Facebook, Twitter or a funding site.

$1000, broken down = 10 people with $100 ea,  20 people with $50 ea, etc.

 It is not hard to do if we work together.  Team work, not alone.

Final numbers…

$10,000 has already come in.  The number has dropped to $490,000

We need you.  Please don’t turn away from the Survivors.  These are the final years for them and our final chance to fulfill this blessing.

 Please, help secure Beit Shalom.

  • Donate online at E-Giving or PayPal
  • Send a check to AHI, P.O. Box 760183, San Antonio, TX 78345 USA
  • Wire directly from your bank either to AHI in the US or our amuta in Israel. Please contact us for the banking information 717-542-8810.
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