Beit Shalom Update

Ever wonder what God is thinking while we are waiting for answers? Graham Cooke says God hears all our prayers and wonders if we are giving Him multiple choice!

Our prayers at Beit Shalom in Akko are:

1. What can we do for You today, Lord?  And show us the way so we can serve You.

Simple but effective.  For now it seems we go month by month and, what else, but wait on Him! 🙂   Each month if He provides the rent, it is another month we know we are to stay right where we are.

But we are dependent on those who provide the rent and we have had some months when it came down to the wire.

Will you consider helping us sustain our current operations so we do not let down our Survivors?

We refer you to the article Community House of Peace to see where we believe we are headed!  We welcome your prayers, support and participation.

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