Beit Shalom Community House

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Beit Shalom Community House- an example of a similar building

Vision: A single building providing community for Survivors, Volunteers and Guests, an event room, offices for AHI, security and wellness services.  Number of rooms currently preferred would be 75 but will be determined by cost and how God leads us in this venture.

  • Private rooms for Holocaust Survivors who are without family, in need of light assistance.
  • Lodging for both long and short term volunteers
  • Guest rooms which will help support operating costs
  • Event room for concerts, Marketplace, teas, lectures, Annual Sukkot BBQ
  • Offices for AHI and the Israeli amuta
  • Kitchen serving breakfast daily
  • Laundry availability and service for Survivors
  • Security 24/7
  • Wellness services
  • Garden for rest and relaxation; vegetable garden for food

We have had interest from volunteers, a contractor and architect to assist as they can.  The city of Akko has offered to discuss land for such a building.  A real estate  agency in the city has offered land and to build to our specifications.

The timeline for this:  ASAP as the need is now.  We see doors opening and believe God is leading in this way.

Bottom Line: Our very rough estimate at this time is $5 million.  We know the God of the Universe has all the funds and we believe He will supply.  But we need the help of His people.

To Begin…

  1. Prayer! Intense, unified prayer for clear discernment, leading and favor.
  2. Finances! This is also a matter of prayer that God will open the hearts of those who should give for this project.
  3. Volunteers! We need those who will help with building & help Survivors.
  4. Media and Networking! TELL others about our vision!  Share it with everyone you can; get the word out!  Information increase will result in more prayer and more fundingbuilding fund cartoon (Small)
  5. Remember- these Survivors are God’s Heart. We need partners to make this happen.

Will you be an Ambassador for the Holocaust Survivors in Israel?

Please ask the Lord how you should be involved and please spread the word!  If you have Facebook, “Like” us and share our contacts with others!

Support the Survivors for their final years… donate for Beit Shalom Community House.

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