Beit Shalom Community Center

Imagine, if you had suffered trauma that involved the death of your family, terrible abuse and loss of your freedom- and you could never forget it.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to return to that time of your childhood before it all occurred?

Our Vision: To provide affordable housing for Holocaust Survivors who have no family and are in financial need.  To build housing set in a village style/atmosphere reminiscent of their childhood, to encourage peace and relief of PTSD.

It has been the Vision of AHI, but we want to expand it to include more like-minded people- like yourself!

The basic plan would be to build Duplex Units built as bomb shelters, handicap accessible and completely ‘green’, including solar power.  In Israel there are three Green Building Standards.

Israel’s main green building standard SI-5281 Sustainable Building has to do with construction.   SI-5282 is the Energy Rating of Buildings.  SI-1045 is the Thermal Insulation of Buildings.  These standards are encouraged by Israel but are voluntary.  It is our desire to build green as being conscientious of the environment while giving the Survivors the best possible housing.

To learn more about Israel’s Sustainable Building Standards, click HERE

Artistic example only

Our first plan, rough cut and open for improvements as we work with experts, would be duplexes, built with green technology, consisting of one single bedroom and a second apartment with two bedroom. Each unit would supply the Survivor everything needed for independent living:

  1. Salon
  2. Kitchenette
  3. Bathroom with laundry
  4. single Bedroom or two bedroom
  5. 1 small extra room
  6. 1 large closet
  7. Heat pump

Landscaped gardens surrounding each duplex, each connected by walkways to the Community Center, all designed on a village setting.

The Community Center and more duplexes would be developed in succeeding phases of building.

As we consult and plan, please pray with us for wisdom going forward.

If you would like to partner with us in establishing these homes for Survivors, please  contact Susan at and ask for information for Beit Shalom CC.


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