Beit Shalom in 2017

2017-color-smallIt is a new year and we are all waiting to see what the Lord has in mind for Beit Shalom.  That is exactly where we stand.  Our prayers in the morning literally ask God, “What is on Your Heart today, Lord? What would you like us to do for You?”  This includes, “What is your desire for Beit Shalom?”

This last year the house was put up for sale and we thought this was our chance to purchase!for-sale-sign-small  We negotiated the price, felt good about it, had an investor to help… then the owners RAISED the price by $170,000.  Who does that?  Since the house was not worth that price, end of sale, no investor.  But God had to be in it.  The owners then asked us to continue renting with an unusal short contract arrangement!  We thought, “What is God up to?”

Beit Shalom is always being used and does not stand empty.  Our office is here and all Survivor visitation and operations is carried out from this location. Our current volunteers are from Abakan, Siberia and Florida, USA.  The next six months will include volunteers and guests from The Netherlands, Germany, USA, Israel and New Zealand.  In addition we have Israeli volunteers who come in each week to assist.  God continually gives us increase!

Beit Shalom garden (Small)Here is what we know:

  1. We keep running out of room and have had to turn people away.
  2. The cost of basic operations is increasing and requires more funding.  Renting a house in Israel includes rent, property tax (renters pay the taxes!), all utilities, insurance, basic repairs and general upkeep.
  3. Our landlord has announced they want a new contract; we’re expecting a rent increase.
  4. This current house is in critical need of an electrical upgrade.
  5. The current location of Beit Shalom is centrally located; close to the Survivors, shopping, the sea and in a quiet neighborhood.
  6. It would be more economical to buy and settle in one place.

Here is what we don’t know:

  1. We literally go day to day following God’s instructions- we walk by faith.  We ask- what is God’s future plan for Beit Shalom?  Will we move or will we stay?
  2. Who will stand with us to continue this vital work for the Survivors?  We need financial support as well as prayer support to do this no matter where we are based.
  3. We have considered finding a bigger place; enough to house some Survivors who have no family, rooms for volunteers and guests and a space large enough to continue our events for the Survivors.  Again, we would need some major donors for a project of this size.  We pray for God’s answer- stay small or expand?

Some of you have faithfully stayed involved in our future.  We pray and thank God for you!

We ask all who are reading this- please pray for us to stay faithful to God’s plan for Beit God's provision 2 (Small)Shalom, for the volunteers, our work with the Survivors and all aspects of this job He has given to us.  We know He provides for us in every way- please pray we recognize His directions.

Consider coming to Beit Shalom to meet the Survivors we visit and experience a house filled with peace!

Thank you for standing with us!  Stay connected so we can let you know if and when there are any changes to our status!

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