At Last!

In February 2011 we began the process of establishing an amuta, an Israeli non-profit.  It took us several years to have the paperwork, bank account and everything set in place.  But even then it was difficult to get underway.  Last year, in 2015, we began to operate part-time.  We had attempted to sponsor a Russian speaking volunteer through the amuta, but the government refused. So we partnered with another amuta and they agreed to give us half her time if we supplied her housing and some pocket money.  It was difficult balancing any work while time-sharing with another amuta, but we did it.  We also learned we do not want to do it that way again.  It was just too difficult for us and too tiring for the volunteer.

Now in January 2016, a new year, we are working to become a full-time amuta.  In the last 8 weeks we have been struggling with all the paperwork to invite another Russian speaking volunteer for long term and JUST FOR US.  Long and complicated process but we finally got everything together that was required.

Everything was approved last week, visa prepared,  and all we needed was an approval Daniel and friends pray (Small)from Jerusalem.  Three days tops.  Our Prayer Warriors have been faithfully praying concerning this issue and for a breakthrough.

Today, eight days later, I talked to God about this.  I prayed what Daniel prayed when faced with death because no one could tell and interpret the king’s dream.  He urged his friends to “plead with the God of heaven for mercy concerning this mystery.”  They did so and God gave him the revelation.

So, I prayed and asked God for mercy concerning this mystery of why the application approval was delayed.  Then I drove to the ministry office, walked in without an appointment, was not stopped by the guard, and I went to the visa section.  It was empty except for one person.  I have not seen it like that.  I waited and spoke with the one in charge.

On her desk was the application for the volunteer.  I prayed some more.  It seems there had been a delay with no explanation.  So, she approved it while I sat there!

For the first time we have a long-term Russian/English translator coming to live and work at Beit Shalom- completely through our amuta!  She will be with us for one year!  Our work will be so much easier to have a constant translator present.

This action will also demonstrate to the Israeli government we are serious about our work here through the non-profit.  It is a challenge to run an amuta- more rules, more paperwork and reports- but it will make a difference in the future.  This opens up new opportunities for us in many areas.

You know what else this did?  It gave me a boost of confidence and encouragement.  We have reached a new goal and it was awesome to see how God gave the answer of HOW to pray which then revealed the mystery and gave the result.  What a privilege to read the Scriptures and learn how the God of Heaven works so we can apply it to our lives!

Looking forward to the next wonderful gift from a Good God,



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