AHI Web Set to Launch August 5th!

AHI logo 2014 (Small)

After months of feverish work, re-writes and creative exhaustion– our new site is ready for your use!  Browse through, read of our history, present work and future plans; personal accounts by Survivors and what is being done.  Read Susan’s Blog and  Contact us with your thoughts, and while there, consider filling in an application to adopt a Survivor or volunteer– or even try out our new “Donate” page!  Come see AHI online!

Welcome to the new AHI webpage!!  www.ahi-il.org

On our Home Page we have menus to take you inside to where there is much to see!  Drop down menus at the top, additional menus on the left side, and don’t forget the links at the top of the page!  Newsletter, Resources and Blog!  There are inner pages you will find as you explore the site.  AHI’s new website is full of treasure!  Go exploring and learn about the world of AHI!

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