Adopter’s Corner

Nancy Kurtz, AHI Adopt Director

Dear Fellow Adopters,

Adopting and writing to a Survivor is a special privilege.  In this time of isolation due to the Coronavirus, your letters are more important than ever.

Survivors love receiving letters from you about your families, vacations, everyday activities, etc.  While acknowledging the current situation worldwide, please refrain from telling sad or frightening stories.  Be upbeat.  The Survivors are lonely and scared right now.  You are their point of joy.

Just a few pointers about sending letters to your Survivors:

1. Keep it SHORT, up to half page. With long letters their mind wanders and some cannot finish it.  Short and sweet, yes, keep letters short and uplifting. Remember the song “Love Lifted Me?” Letters filled with love are very uplifting.

2. Check your writing as our local slang or some phrases are hard to translate, such as: “I hope this letter finds you well.”  Changing to another language- the translators question how a letter can find anything?

3. Email letters are best. They arrive quickly are translated, acknowledged and out to your Survivor in days! Email address is

4. Pictures by email- please limit to two pictures.  We will download and print.

5. Sending cards and pictures by mail please send to this address:

Susan Heagy, Derech ha Yam 1/66, Akko 2451618  Israel                          Attention: Your Survivor’s name

We suggest you write about once a month.

6. Avoid proselyting.  You can tell them you are praying for them and assure them God loves them.  Pray over your letter before sending it. Prayers are everything.

7. Expect nothing in return. Most of the Survivors do NOT write back.  But they wait expectantly for each of your letters!

Thank you for writing to a Survivor and changing their lives.

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