For Those Who Adopt a Holocaust Survivor

comforting old person (Small)It is all of Grace that we can be raised up from the pit of our own poor selves to become more than we could ever be.

But to be become beautiful in His sight…..ah, that is the touch of the Master’s hand, the work of the Redeemer, the longing of the Beloved to behold us thus.

And what then of the sorrows that are also upon our hearts?    Only as we rest our heads upon His breast can He take our crushing sorrows and hold us still.  That is where you and I need to be.

And because we know the way we can lead each wounded Survivor to that place of safety and rest, to be held till the sobbing ceases and the healing balm flows… which is to be held in love for all eternity.                                                                           -Submitted by an Adopter


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