A Few Words

I pursued my enemies and overtook them, and I did not turn back until they were consumed.” Psalm 18:37

Israel has their own SWAT team, known as the Central Special Unit.  They see their calling as saving lives, to rescue hostages and neutralize terrorists before innocents are murdered.  This verse is the basis for their belief.*

Now look at this statement as David wrote it.  HE was the one pursuing and overtaking, done only with the help and victory of Almighty God.

This applies to you too.  With God’s strength you can also overtake your enemies, those of your country, attackers of fellow citizens, anarchists, and the enemy of our souls.  We must stand together.  YOU can do this through Adonai!  Do not turn back until the enemy is consumed.

*Credit to Boskey Newsletter July 8, 2020

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