How to “Be” the Community for Survivors

Imagine… that you are a Holocaust Survivor and you have been alone your entire life, even after moving to Israel. All your family was lost in WWII.  But now you have been offered a room in Beit Shalom Community Center.

You walk into your new home and are greeted by a security guard who is there to protect you.  You have a choice of several seating areas inside or out.  There is a large dining room if you choose to eat there or you can cook in your room.  Choosing to go to your room you take the elevator to the top floor. This floor is for Survivors only. Stepping out of the elevator you see a balcony and inside seating area.  It is peaceful and quiet.  When you enter your own room you find your own furniture has been placed in there.  Your private handicap accessible shower and toilet are new and attractive.  The room is comfortable as you can set the temperature.  Walking to the window you can see out over the city or close your shutters.

On this floor are two bomb shelters with filtration systems. Where you used to live you had no bomb shelter in your home and the one in the building was down the stairs and you could not get there in time.  When the siren sounded you had 30 seconds to get to a shelter.  Since you could not get there you spent every war watching the rockets rain down around your home praying none would hit your building.  But now you will be safe.

Your new home comes with assistance.  Volunteers to walk with you, help with errands, advocates for doctor visits and best of all, to be part of a family, part of a community.

This is the Vision of Abundant Hope International: to bring the Survivors into community with volunteers and staff of AHI, to be their family and make their final years the best.

This building is to be more than just for a handful of Survivors, but to provide for the many other Survivors we help.  It will be a distribution point for other organizations so we can work together for the benefit of the Survivors.

This building is real.  It is for sale.  It is new and waiting for us to bring the Survivors to their new home and we can begin blessing many Survivors through it.

We need you to do this.   Breaking it down means we need 100 single sponsors or 100 partner groups each donating $60,000.  That would purchase this building completely along with paying all taxes.

Sponsor a Room for $60,000.  Or give as you can.

Online giving is

Designate:  Community Beit Shalom Purchase

As a community we can make a difference in the lives of Survivors if we do this together.

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