My Name is Jannie

I am 67 years old, wife to my dear husband Gerrit, mother of 4 , and grandmother of 5; I live in Holland.

Ever since the LordHolland (Small) has touched my heart to become a Believer, there began to grow the seeds of loving Israel and the Jewish people.  Thanks to my pastor in that time who taught me and helped me, along with the support from my husband.

Also about 30 years ago I began to have a bad feeling about how we as Christians were so guilty in the disasters that overcame the Jews by many ages.

When I started to read many, many books about the Holocaust, I knew ever since then: I want to do what I can do for Holocaust Survivors.

“Comfort, comfort ye my people!” Isaiah 40:1

Without preaching, but just by giving love and a listening ear; and most important to pray for them to have healing and comfort from Elohim.

Whenever there is a chance to say “Sorry” to them, “Sorry, sorry, that all the terrible times was for many times also in name of Christianity!”

So for 10 years I am a volunteer worker in Israel, in about 14 times in different places in a Beit Avod (home for aged).  I do my work there like the staff is expecting from me, but in the meantime I try to find and to search for Survivors, to talk (if they like) with them, to listen to their experiences, or whatever comes in my path!

Many, many possibilities were given by the Lord!  Sometimes I am asking myself: “Lord, whom am I??”

Sometimes I am crying with them, sometimes keeping silent and just put my arm around a shoulder, sometimes giving some flowers, and always keeping them in my prayers.

And so in Holland I met Brecht and Albert (who volunteer in Israel) once, telling them how much I felt to do more for Survivors and they told me about the possibility to adopt a ???????????????????????????????Survivor through Abundant Hope.

I did not need time to think about it, and started right away to ask for the papers that are needed.  And so I adopted a Survivor and for just about 3 years now I am writing to a Survivor from the town of Rishon Le Zion!

What does this mean?

You send a card to someone you do not know, hoping and wishing to get to know each other a little better.  I am always sending it with love and a prayer, because I realize so much that only God Himself can connect us, even without words; only He can do more than a few letters on a card.

Of course I am also much aware of the fact that this is very little for the unnamable pain the Survivors go or went through.  The memories and the loss of many members of their family- sometimes all of them- the hunger, the pain; it all is too much to bear for a human being.

I wrote and did not expect any response, but I was very surprised to receive  for 2 times, some cards, and one time an email from my Survivor, Victor, through AHI.

Victor is in my heart and prayers, a small drop on very huge plate of pain, (an expression in Holland) but I am thankful that the Lord gave this man to me “to care for!”

Also I am very thankful for the ABUNDANT HOPE organization, to help me with this!!!

With love and many greetings,

Jannie Hietland


Editor Note:  If you agree the letters, love and prayers can make a difference, then join us.  We have hundreds of Survivors still waiting to receive a family, to get letters and prayers, just for them.

Contact us at  717-592-0859 to request a Survivor.  We will send you the information to begin blessing a Holocaust Survivor today.

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