Apply to Volunteer

Application to Volunteer

 AHI Volunteer Application


Instructions for using the PDF Application

  • Click on link and open the pdf
  • Click on third icon from left on top menu bar (picture of paper and pen)
  • To the right a large box will open
  • Click on “add text” within the box
  • Fill out the application
  • Save the PDF document
  • Attach to an email and send to:

If you cannot open it, please contact us and we will send it to you by post.

The Application Process

We are very excited you want to come and Volunteer with us!  Directly to the right are the instructions for completing the AHI Volunteer Application in PDF form.  Please follow the directions, fill in the application, save your document and email it to us.

But before you apply, read below to make sure you are able to complete the work that is needed.  We want to ensure our instructions for you are clear.


1. Volunteers to Israel must fill out and return the Volunteer Application prior to coming to work with AHI.  If we do not have an application filled out and submitted within the proper time frame the Volunteer will not be eligible to volunteer with AHI.

2. All Applicants must be eighteen years or older.  No children under eighteen years will be accepted on their own.  Volunteers between sixteen to eighteen are eligible only if they accompanied by their parents and arrangements have been made with AHI ahead of time.  No volunteers are accepted younger than these guidelines. If there are questions in this regard, contact our main office.

3. Applicants should be in good to excellent health as extended walking is essential.

4. Important information from Israeli Border Patrol:

Passport expiration date must be more than six months from the date of return to home country; not entry to Israel. If not you can be refused initial entry into Israel. Volunteers are limited to a maximum of one 3-month tour of visiting Israel per year (12 calendar months) to stay within Israeli visa requirements.

All long-term stays must be by prior arrangement with AHI, based upon availability and permission of the Israeli Ministry of Interior.


1. Applications must be received a minimum of six weeks before expected time of service to allow for reference checks, unless other arrangements are made with AHI.

2. Submitting an application to volunteer with AHI in Israel does not guarantee acceptance.   If your sole intention in coming to Israel is to volunteer with AHI, it is important you wait for confirmation of acceptance before booking flights.

3. Lodging availability with AHI during the time requested, possible AHI events planned, type of help needed, translators and supervisor schedules, are all factors in the approval of your application.   Unless specific arrangements have been made, house placement is at the discretion of AHI staff based on the work load and survivor need. For your safety and ours, we need your information prior to working together.

4. No applications and arrangements can be made through a third party.  Anyone wishing to join us as a Volunteer must personally contact us.  (The only exception to this would be if translation is required.  We must be advised if this is the case.)

5. Volunteers to Israel may stay at AHI lodging, on a space-available basis, only by prior arrangement.  AHI prefers that the reduced room-cost, available only for Volunteers, is paid in full prior to the stay.   Deductions from Volunteers’ donated funds or other financial arrangements should be made with the main office.

To Apply:

1. Complete the Volunteer Application online to facilitate faster processing.  Follow the directions and access the application through the link on this page.  Fill out the application and send to us.

2. If you cannot use the online form and need a hard copy sent to you, call 717-542-8810 or direct your request by post to AHI, P.O. Box 760183, San Antonio, TX 78245 USA

3. Reminder: Applications must be received a minimum of six weeks prior to expected date of service to allow for processing.

Hannah Lee and Michael Beit Shalom July 2013 (Custom)Notice of Acceptance:

Upon receipt of your application your request will be reviewed.  If accepted we will contact you with further instructions and information.  If you have not heard anything on your application after 8 weeks, please contact us for an update.